Monday, 26 September 2011

Lochains` trip to the Lake District

This is me on my walk before breakfast.
From Lochain:
This is a blog with lots of pictures about my trip to the Lake District to see all my relatives & lots of fab people!

I did lots of climbing & loved it!
I also was lucky enough to meet 8 very special little four legged cousins!! 
Wowee they were so fast & got everywhere!! 
I had to give a little growl because they ran all round me & between my legs. 
Guess who wanted my ball!!!
They made my head spin but boy were they cute!

 I found an old ball & all the pups wanted to play too, but they were very polite & asked first.  

The only thing i didnt understand was why they wanted to play in the water. I tried to tell them to get out but they just splashed me!

I also met up with one of my sisters who is training to be a search & rescue dog. This is a very important job & i am very proud of her.
This is where she was doing her training.

There were lots of other dogs there too, some were still training & some were fully qualified.

They were searching for bodies in the valley.

Can you see me?
 Can you see me in this van?
I`m upstairs on the left. I dont look very happy do i?
I didnt want to get in & mum tried to persuade me but i planted my paws & wouldnt budge.
@asheepdogdiary even climbed in the other side & poked her head through to get me to jump up but i still wouldnt.
Then before i knew it i was in....@Auntywainwright walked right past & just shoved me in!!
She wasnt having any of it & i thought it best not to argue with her.
Chilling with the `pack`.
 This picture above is a favourite, my mum & dad are sitting up on the rock above me. We were very well behaved getting in to position tho the others had obviously done it before because when we came to the rocks they all jumped in to position!! It seemed to take ages for mum & @asheepdogdiary to take the pictures so when she told mum to release us we all gave her a fright by leaping over her. That was very funny.    

If you look closely in this photo you can see my  mum creeping in the long grass.
I think she was practising for when she works the sheep.

I`m not allowed near the sheep & mum & i were given a lesson in ignoring them.
Mum is a bit scared of sheep so i was very brave & showed her how to just ignore them.
If i could talk i would tell her to take a tuggy to play with instead, better than sheep any day! 


 I dont know why these two silly pups were playing with water!

They kept splashing me!

Mum caught this pup trying to escape.


Two very Handsome Lads.

Well my mum thinks so! 



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