Monday, 26 September 2011

Lochains` trip to the Lake District

This is me on my walk before breakfast.
From Lochain:
This is a blog with lots of pictures about my trip to the Lake District to see all my relatives & lots of fab people!

I did lots of climbing & loved it!
I also was lucky enough to meet 8 very special little four legged cousins!! 
Wowee they were so fast & got everywhere!! 
I had to give a little growl because they ran all round me & between my legs. 
Guess who wanted my ball!!!
They made my head spin but boy were they cute!

 I found an old ball & all the pups wanted to play too, but they were very polite & asked first.  

The only thing i didnt understand was why they wanted to play in the water. I tried to tell them to get out but they just splashed me!

I also met up with one of my sisters who is training to be a search & rescue dog. This is a very important job & i am very proud of her.
This is where she was doing her training.

There were lots of other dogs there too, some were still training & some were fully qualified.

They were searching for bodies in the valley.

Can you see me?
 Can you see me in this van?
I`m upstairs on the left. I dont look very happy do i?
I didnt want to get in & mum tried to persuade me but i planted my paws & wouldnt budge.
@asheepdogdiary even climbed in the other side & poked her head through to get me to jump up but i still wouldnt.
Then before i knew it i was in....@Auntywainwright walked right past & just shoved me in!!
She wasnt having any of it & i thought it best not to argue with her.
Chilling with the `pack`.
 This picture above is a favourite, my mum & dad are sitting up on the rock above me. We were very well behaved getting in to position tho the others had obviously done it before because when we came to the rocks they all jumped in to position!! It seemed to take ages for mum & @asheepdogdiary to take the pictures so when she told mum to release us we all gave her a fright by leaping over her. That was very funny.    

If you look closely in this photo you can see my  mum creeping in the long grass.
I think she was practising for when she works the sheep.

I`m not allowed near the sheep & mum & i were given a lesson in ignoring them.
Mum is a bit scared of sheep so i was very brave & showed her how to just ignore them.
If i could talk i would tell her to take a tuggy to play with instead, better than sheep any day! 


 I dont know why these two silly pups were playing with water!

They kept splashing me!

Mum caught this pup trying to escape.


Two very Handsome Lads.

Well my mum thinks so! 


Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Plumber & The Collies!

From Lochain: Well this week has been very odd. We have something in the house called a `Plumber` it looks very much like a human but he has been very cheeky and ripped out the bathroom! 
He has made lots of noise too all week & i dont like it very much though i have been brave.
Mum took our beds outside on the patio in the sun yesterday & wouldnt let us in the house because we kept chasing him up the stairs. Lilly & i thought it funny but mum wasnt impressed. 
Mum put up an old parasol in the garden to give us some shade & she had to saw the end of it off as it was too long. When she went indoors i had a walk round it & decided it was still too long so i decided to chew it to make it a bit shorter. I dont know why mum stopped me, after all i was being really helpful. 
Today the lounge is full of boxes & strange things wrapped in plastic, to be honest this `plumber` has made far more mess than Lilly & I ever do.  
Today its raining & we have been indoors all day so i have had to investigate what these weird things are. They dont seem very interesting but i`m keeping my eyes peeled in case the `plumber` brings something in for us.
I have decided that the safest place to be today is in the armchair where i can see what is going on but i`m close to mum in case the noise gets very loud again. (well i am still a baby really).
Lilly is guarding one of the strange things on the floor that mum says is a sink, but Lilly isn't convinced & has told me that she is going to stay close to it.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Collies & Cameras

From  Lochain:
Is this my best side?
Oh I bllinked!!

Oh dear mum has the camera out again, i know I'm the doggy equivalent of a male supermodel but it does get a bit tedious, when we`re sleeping, playing or up to mischief shes there click click click! Now shes says she wants a photo for my Agility Record Book & i have to go somewhere on Saturday to get measured. I heard her saying to someone yesterday that because i am most definitely large i can be measured. Well that's not a nice thing to say about me is it? How rude i thought! Large indeed, i`m just big boned, in fact i`m looking quite lean just now so i think mum could pick her words a bit more carefully.

Hiding from the camera

I have an itchy nose!
From Lilly:
My brother is just daft `large` means we are big enough to be jumping the highest jumps in Agility not that we`re fat!
Mind you i do agree with him about mum & the camera, i usually turn my head away when she points it at me or i stick my tongue out. 

Friday, 13 May 2011

Collie Ears & Games

From Lilly: Mum says that theres something funny going on with my ears! I dont know what she means, they dont feel any different. Apparently since the sun has been shining they`ve gone brown! Last week she groomed me & tried to strip the hair but it didnt come out which i thought was funny because i could have told her that!

After all although my dad was black & white my mum was tri colour so thats where its come from. Mum thinks its odd though because they`ve always been black & i`m two and a half now so if they were ever going to be brown she thinks they would have changed colour ages ago. 
Now shes saying that one ear keeps standing up! 
Well they dont feel any different to me but every so often she says to the other humans "look at Lillys ear". Honestly anyone would think she didnt know anything about collies! Lots of my collie friends have ears that stand up, some have one up one down & some have ears that just stay down! Up,down,up, down haha maybe i`m doing it just to amuse the humans. 

From Lochain: My last blog was all about me sleeping & i dont want everyone to think thats what i always do so i`m making mum put some action shots on this blog to show you how busy & clever i am.
On one of our walks this week we came across a tree that had fallen across the path & leapt straight onto it, i love climbing & just couldnt resist. I walked up & down it for ages & didn`t want to get off.  I actually had a little lay down on it until mum said we could go to the field & play with some toys. 
I love to fetch things that the humans throw for me & i can run really fast now &  usually beat Lilly to it.
I always keep my eye on what is being  thrown, that way i can get it quicker. Mum says i have to be careful because i`m still growing so we don`t do it for long & if i jump too high then she stops the game which i think is a bit mean.  Though she always thinks of something else for us to do like hiding the toys so we have to `track` them.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Collie Naps

From Lochain: 
Whoever said collies never sleep havn`t met me i love to sleep! Its very important for me to have naps because thats when i do all my growing.   I have lots of places i like to sleep but my favourite is on the chair next to my mum,she says i`m getting too big to do this but i can squeeze in really small places.
I also like to climb up behind the humans and lay across the back of their necks cos thats very comfy but they don`t seem to think so! 
In fact as long as i`m with one of the humans (usually my mum) i can sleep anywhere, i make a good foot warmer.
Recently the weather has been sunny & the humans put a sun lounger in the garden so i like to lay on that, every time they get up i quickly get on and close my eyes tight so that way they dont like to disturb me. They do moan sometimes though, heehee.

I dont sleep all day of course but when i do i like to make myself comfortable! Mum keeps me busy so when i crash out i usually grab the best seat in the house.

My sister Lilly likes to sleep under the dining table and she wraps herself round the chair legs which i don`t think is a very good idea. Lilly dreams a lot too and i have to get up and give her a nudge.
I do have my own basket but dont use it very much because the humans wont get in with me & i prefer to sleep with them. But they are always welcome to use it i wouldnt mind.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Learning to do Agility

1st ever jump at 1st ever Comp
From Lilly: 
This photo is of me at the start of my first ever Agility competition! 
Me being very chilled out!
I`m not quite 2 1/2 yrs old yet so i`m just a beginner & have lots to learn but i love doing it. Well i say i love doing it, theres one piece of equipment that is very very scary because it moves! Mum calls it a seesaw. Mum & my trainer have used all sorts of things to persuade me to walk onto it but when i do it tips up!! I think maybe its broken & i wish they would realise and fix it.  Last week they said i was brave & i got lots of fuss because i walked right across it, though the trainer did hold it so it didnt bang down & make a noise. I suppose if they`re not going to mend it i will walk over it when i get braver. I do all the other equipment & i`m getting fast.

I absolutely love the jumping, i can jump really high now & mum has trouble making me wait because i`m just raring to go. 
At our first competition i didnt win or get a clear round because i knocked a pole, i`m not sure why perhaps my toenails needed clipping! Mum was pleased with me though and she was more nervous than me heehee!
Mum keeps talking about getting me measured so that we can enter lots more, i dont understand what thats  all about but as long as i can do more i dont mind.
Oh my little brother is starting too and last week i heard the trainer say hes going to be fast...well we`ll see about that! I`m not going to let him be faster than me! 

Monday, 25 April 2011

Collies & Clickers

From Lochain:
A couple of weeks ago  mum decided she would do some Clicker training with us. She thought it would be fun to teach Lilly and me some tricks. 
The clicker is this little plastic thing that when it makes a noise mum throws us a treat! Well i was all up for that! 
She took me outside and hung a ribbon off the back door....very strange i thought when it has a perfectly good handle. Anyway as soon as i put my nose near it "CLICK" and she gave me a treat! Haha this was going to be easy, so i touch it with my nose a few times and get rewarded with some nice food, a few minutes in & i wasnt get clicked or fed humph! 
So i decided to give mum my best puppy dog eyes but still she didnt feed me and this clicker thing didnt make a noise either. Okay i think, how about if i try and get this silly ribbon off the mouth and pull..CLICK! ooooh so thats what she wants. After a few times of me pulling the door shut i`d had enough and went and laid down to have a nap, i mean why would i want to close the door when there are four humans in the house to do it? And anyway i much prefer the back door to be open then i can bring in all my dirty bones from the garden when no one is looking.
I love my mum but honestly she will have me doing the ironing next if i`m not careful!