Thursday, 19 May 2011

Collies & Cameras

From  Lochain:
Is this my best side?
Oh I bllinked!!

Oh dear mum has the camera out again, i know I'm the doggy equivalent of a male supermodel but it does get a bit tedious, when we`re sleeping, playing or up to mischief shes there click click click! Now shes says she wants a photo for my Agility Record Book & i have to go somewhere on Saturday to get measured. I heard her saying to someone yesterday that because i am most definitely large i can be measured. Well that's not a nice thing to say about me is it? How rude i thought! Large indeed, i`m just big boned, in fact i`m looking quite lean just now so i think mum could pick her words a bit more carefully.

Hiding from the camera

I have an itchy nose!
From Lilly:
My brother is just daft `large` means we are big enough to be jumping the highest jumps in Agility not that we`re fat!
Mind you i do agree with him about mum & the camera, i usually turn my head away when she points it at me or i stick my tongue out. 

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