Saturday, 23 April 2011

Introducing Ourselves

WooHooo!! Mum has given us our own blog! This is just a bit of fun to tell you some of the things we get up to.
Today we have been helping dad to lay a new patio. We knew it was up to us to help as soon as we saw the spade. Its been so hot today mum said it wasnt a good idea to have our usual run so we could help with laying the patio.....well okay she didnt exactly say that but we volunteered our services anyway.
We watched dad very very carefully from all angles & when he went in for lunch we decided to carry on the good work.
First of all we walked all over the newly laid slabs just to make sure they were even. Then the best bit was digging a big hole ready for the next one to go down.
Sometimes we just dont understand humans I mean why would dad be cross after all that excellent digging that had been done for him!
Honestly sometimes you just cant help some people! Mum laughed though & said the sand was all up my nose! Who me??
Anyway she still filled up some Kongs for us to have tomorrow so i think we`re forgiven.


  1. yay I can comment!!
    Dogs helping in the garden is just the best!!
    I bet its even quicker for you with two of them to help ;o) Didn't Boo try and join in?

  2. Natz, Boo just stands back & watches the collies get in trouble!

  3. Ahh Boo is very very wise!! Learn from Boo lil collie troublemakers ;) xx

  4. I just clicked on the picture and notice the collie has a dirty nose (looks like sand or soil) so you have a collie that helps dig the garden as well.

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