Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Learning to do Agility

1st ever jump at 1st ever Comp
From Lilly: 
This photo is of me at the start of my first ever Agility competition! 
Me being very chilled out!
I`m not quite 2 1/2 yrs old yet so i`m just a beginner & have lots to learn but i love doing it. Well i say i love doing it, theres one piece of equipment that is very very scary because it moves! Mum calls it a seesaw. Mum & my trainer have used all sorts of things to persuade me to walk onto it but when i do it tips up!! I think maybe its broken & i wish they would realise and fix it.  Last week they said i was brave & i got lots of fuss because i walked right across it, though the trainer did hold it so it didnt bang down & make a noise. I suppose if they`re not going to mend it i will walk over it when i get braver. I do all the other equipment & i`m getting fast.

I absolutely love the jumping, i can jump really high now & mum has trouble making me wait because i`m just raring to go. 
At our first competition i didnt win or get a clear round because i knocked a pole, i`m not sure why perhaps my toenails needed clipping! Mum was pleased with me though and she was more nervous than me heehee!
Mum keeps talking about getting me measured so that we can enter lots more, i dont understand what thats  all about but as long as i can do more i dont mind.
Oh my little brother is starting too and last week i heard the trainer say hes going to be fast...well we`ll see about that! I`m not going to let him be faster than me! 

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