Sunday, 24 April 2011

A New Walk

From Lilly: 
We had a morning walk with mum & dad today. We went the usual way toward the bridge over the river, when we get to the bridge i wont go over it....yes yes I know im an Agility collie but its sooooo scary!!!!! 
So what if Lochain walks over it, he only does that because hes afraid of the water! Mum says no one would ever believe i do Agility if they saw my legs shaking at the sight of the bridge, but i dont care.
Theres a little bit of water that i like to walk through instead of the bridge but today we found another footpath beside the river where we could actually get in properly. 
At certain points the bank was really steep & pup & I laughed because mum said we were giving her heart failure by pretending to run down it really really fast.
But we soon found where we could get in easily & we were allowed to play in the water for a while. I even persuaded Lochain to get in with me, he was quite brave really considering hes still a baby. I made sure he was safe though because i have the very important job of being his big sister, even if he is a pain sometimes!


  1. Aww I was doing this with Mika today in a nearby park, but she'd been a ickle bit norty and had to be on lead!! x

  2. Sounds like maybe you got your feet wet then!

  3. woooos! looks like a great time!

    RA & Isis