Saturday, 7 May 2011

Collie Naps

From Lochain: 
Whoever said collies never sleep havn`t met me i love to sleep! Its very important for me to have naps because thats when i do all my growing.   I have lots of places i like to sleep but my favourite is on the chair next to my mum,she says i`m getting too big to do this but i can squeeze in really small places.
I also like to climb up behind the humans and lay across the back of their necks cos thats very comfy but they don`t seem to think so! 
In fact as long as i`m with one of the humans (usually my mum) i can sleep anywhere, i make a good foot warmer.
Recently the weather has been sunny & the humans put a sun lounger in the garden so i like to lay on that, every time they get up i quickly get on and close my eyes tight so that way they dont like to disturb me. They do moan sometimes though, heehee.

I dont sleep all day of course but when i do i like to make myself comfortable! Mum keeps me busy so when i crash out i usually grab the best seat in the house.

My sister Lilly likes to sleep under the dining table and she wraps herself round the chair legs which i don`t think is a very good idea. Lilly dreams a lot too and i have to get up and give her a nudge.
I do have my own basket but dont use it very much because the humans wont get in with me & i prefer to sleep with them. But they are always welcome to use it i wouldnt mind.


  1. If I reincarnate I want to be one of your dogs, a "dogs life" takes on a new meaning with your collies!

  2. My collie Brae sleeps a lot as well. She's only 14 months old and after a hard day playing with her collie-cross sister Brenna she likes to sleep by my feet all evening.