Friday, 13 May 2011

Collie Ears & Games

From Lilly: Mum says that theres something funny going on with my ears! I dont know what she means, they dont feel any different. Apparently since the sun has been shining they`ve gone brown! Last week she groomed me & tried to strip the hair but it didnt come out which i thought was funny because i could have told her that!

After all although my dad was black & white my mum was tri colour so thats where its come from. Mum thinks its odd though because they`ve always been black & i`m two and a half now so if they were ever going to be brown she thinks they would have changed colour ages ago. 
Now shes saying that one ear keeps standing up! 
Well they dont feel any different to me but every so often she says to the other humans "look at Lillys ear". Honestly anyone would think she didnt know anything about collies! Lots of my collie friends have ears that stand up, some have one up one down & some have ears that just stay down! Up,down,up, down haha maybe i`m doing it just to amuse the humans. 

From Lochain: My last blog was all about me sleeping & i dont want everyone to think thats what i always do so i`m making mum put some action shots on this blog to show you how busy & clever i am.
On one of our walks this week we came across a tree that had fallen across the path & leapt straight onto it, i love climbing & just couldnt resist. I walked up & down it for ages & didn`t want to get off.  I actually had a little lay down on it until mum said we could go to the field & play with some toys. 
I love to fetch things that the humans throw for me & i can run really fast now &  usually beat Lilly to it.
I always keep my eye on what is being  thrown, that way i can get it quicker. Mum says i have to be careful because i`m still growing so we don`t do it for long & if i jump too high then she stops the game which i think is a bit mean.  Though she always thinks of something else for us to do like hiding the toys so we have to `track` them.

Mum thinks i would be good at flyball, i don't know what that is but i paid attention when i heard the word `ball`.     

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  1. I still can't get over how much the top pic of Lilly looks like Brae.

    Love the action shots of Lochain as well!