Monday, 25 April 2011

Collies & Clickers

From Lochain:
A couple of weeks ago  mum decided she would do some Clicker training with us. She thought it would be fun to teach Lilly and me some tricks. 
The clicker is this little plastic thing that when it makes a noise mum throws us a treat! Well i was all up for that! 
She took me outside and hung a ribbon off the back door....very strange i thought when it has a perfectly good handle. Anyway as soon as i put my nose near it "CLICK" and she gave me a treat! Haha this was going to be easy, so i touch it with my nose a few times and get rewarded with some nice food, a few minutes in & i wasnt get clicked or fed humph! 
So i decided to give mum my best puppy dog eyes but still she didnt feed me and this clicker thing didnt make a noise either. Okay i think, how about if i try and get this silly ribbon off the mouth and pull..CLICK! ooooh so thats what she wants. After a few times of me pulling the door shut i`d had enough and went and laid down to have a nap, i mean why would i want to close the door when there are four humans in the house to do it? And anyway i much prefer the back door to be open then i can bring in all my dirty bones from the garden when no one is looking.
I love my mum but honestly she will have me doing the ironing next if i`m not careful!

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