Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Plumber & The Collies!

From Lochain: Well this week has been very odd. We have something in the house called a `Plumber` it looks very much like a human but he has been very cheeky and ripped out the bathroom! 
He has made lots of noise too all week & i dont like it very much though i have been brave.
Mum took our beds outside on the patio in the sun yesterday & wouldnt let us in the house because we kept chasing him up the stairs. Lilly & i thought it funny but mum wasnt impressed. 
Mum put up an old parasol in the garden to give us some shade & she had to saw the end of it off as it was too long. When she went indoors i had a walk round it & decided it was still too long so i decided to chew it to make it a bit shorter. I dont know why mum stopped me, after all i was being really helpful. 
Today the lounge is full of boxes & strange things wrapped in plastic, to be honest this `plumber` has made far more mess than Lilly & I ever do.  
Today its raining & we have been indoors all day so i have had to investigate what these weird things are. They dont seem very interesting but i`m keeping my eyes peeled in case the `plumber` brings something in for us.
I have decided that the safest place to be today is in the armchair where i can see what is going on but i`m close to mum in case the noise gets very loud again. (well i am still a baby really).
Lilly is guarding one of the strange things on the floor that mum says is a sink, but Lilly isn't convinced & has told me that she is going to stay close to it.

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